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Tango Experiential Festival
11th - 15th July 2017, Fužine, Croatia

Tango Experiential Festival (TEF) is based on the idea that through dance (in this case predominantly neo/contemporary and to a lesser extent traditional tango), we express the whole of who we are – all the experiences we acquired through the 5 basic senses (sight, scent, taste, touch and hearing), as well as through the so-called 6th sense – the synergy, merging of all sensory experiences and awareness of them, with the additional element of inspiration, inner knowing, insight.

TEF is composed of 5 groups of activities: The 6-senses Tango – Milongas; Expand your Tango – Technique and Creativity (dance workshops), Additional workshops (yoga, meditation, breathing, Thai massage course), Nature (excursions and walks), and Sharing (friendships, exchanging experiences).



The Tango Experiential Festival Programme offers you every evening, in the period 11th– 15th July 2017, milongas dedicated to various combinations of senses – The 6-senses Tango, in the environment and atmosphere that helps keeping your focus on them.

During milongas, predominantly neo / contemporary and to a lesser extent traditional tango music will be played. Milongas are organized in the spacious hall of the Fuzine municipality (opposite the Fužinarska kuća - Croatian shire, in which the participants will be accommodated). A part of the final milonga on the 15th July , enriched with a tango  show programme, is to take place in the main Fužine square.

Along with milongas, there are everyday tango workshops, led by experienced and innovative teachers, as well as dance workshops exploring the movement possibilities. You can also join additional workshops of yoga, meditation, massage and breathing techniques.

Taking part in shorter excursions/walks in the nature is also an option for you.

The whole Programme can be found here.




To register for your stay at the Tango Experiential Festival please fill in and submit the Registration Form. Your registration will be considered as complete only after your payment is received.

11 Jul 2017, 17:00 – 15 Jul 2017, 23:30
Franje Račkog 30,
Fužine, Croatia

Recommended contributions and payment


All the activities (milongas, tango and dance workshops, additional workshops – all but the excursions!) are included in the recommended contributions of the Daily Pass. You can stay for one or more days. Please make sure that, together with the payment, you have filled in and submitted the Registration Form!

Prices & payment

Workshop teachers and organizers 


Meet our team...

Festival Team



In case you wish to be receiving information about Tango Experiential, we will be glad to help you. Fill in this form and we will contact you shortly.

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