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Tango Experiential manifest


A journey into the heart of … experience and tango

Tango Experiential focuses on the experiences that each individual holds in his/her very core, while being in line with the current trend of Tango Nuevo/Neo. It is not another style or form of tango – it is an approach to each individual which, as a consequence, affects both partners and their movements. It originates from the idea that the dance happening now is influenced by past experiences, either good or bad ones.


Giving our partner the freedom to move without judgement and expectations, with ultimate acceptance and appreciation, and following his/her deepest feelings, creates a transformation possibility in a dancing and personal sense.


At that timeless moment something new can start blooming, something which is not even in our consciousness, and which can finally be brought out in the open through the dance. This dance happens when energy exchanges between the partners, which causes self-transformation and benefits on both sides. The first condition for that is the acceptance of all positive and negative dancing or personal aspects which can be faced during the dance. When our partner feels comfortable enough, the quantum jumps and the self-transformation can occur. Tango Experiential channels all the previous experiences into the present moment and due to that reason it can be understood only at a deep internal level. 

In order to reach the triggering point in which the internal tsunami starts moving, a free form of music is used. This is the music of our time: it is modern and sensitive, but still holding a recognizable tango beat.


Tango Experiential helps you express your past experiences in the present moment and transform them; it helps you to dance your true self. Its main characteristics are 3-dimensional movements in which the couple has only one limitation – respecting other couples on the dance floor. Predicting the next dancing move is impossible since it is spontaneous, playful and inspired by music. It accepts both open and close embrace; hips, shoulders and head movements; contact improvisation, and various dancing styles mixed together, all deeply rooted into the ground.


A special attention is paid to the breath which turns out to be the key element of the Tango Experiential story told by both partners. Finally, Tango Experiential is a body movement to music with eternal impact on our being.

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