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Boris Prljević

Boris is a professional musician with more than 30 years of flute-playing and 18 years of pedagogical experience. Along with the flute degree and numerous engagements in various orchestras, he has been experimenting with various musical genres – among others with djembe drumming. As of 2009 he has been running the djembe and dundun drumming workshops and courses, and has held several hundreds or workshops and dozens of courses across Croatia. At the TEF, he will be dealing with the djembe drumming basis and history; 3 basic beats and how to combine them, feeling the pulse of the composition, coordination of the left and right arm and of the players during the performance. Boris adjusts his teaching to the possibilities and needs of the workshop particpants, which makes the workshops alway fresh and unique. Apart from music, Boris is interested in alternative lifestyles – in particular in shiatsu, conscious nutrition and diagnostics, and feng-shui.


Claus Springborg

Tango workshops

Dancing since 1995 (expanding from ballet to tango, contact improvisation…), Claus has taught tango and CI in many countries in Eastern and Western Europe. Besides teaching dance, he teaches meditation and publishes books and papers about his work. In Fužine workshops, he will be focusing on projections, and centrifugal forces while doing colgadas.

Claus has a master in musicology and a Ph.D. in the use of artistic processes and education. In his teaching, he merges art, spirituality, science, and fun. His style of teaching is highly experiential, relaxed, and humorous.

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D Marko J

Traditional tango DJ

He is a DJ which combines his two passions – the one for the dance floor and the other for crafting of tandas. Add to this his love for audio-video technology, which is also his profession, and you will get the variety of timeless and amusing tango orchestras and composers, put together with skilled technical precision. Inspiration that D Marko J has drawn for his tracks lies not only in his favourites such as Francisco Canaro and Roberto Firpo, and sometimes even Osvaldo Pugliese, nor in musical knowledge he gained as a jazz guitar musician or feedbacks from many big-name DJs that helped fine-tune his style, but also in the energy of couples that flows in each ronda before him.  He is a regular DJ at vinyl milongas in Novi Sad and the region.

Elio Astor

DJ Elio Astor (Rome)

He started studying tango in 2003, he has been at the console as a tango dj for more than 5000 hours, during the first years putting music in tango festivals, milongas and encuentros milongueros in Europe and also in Buenos Aires where he was at the console of Club Fulgor, Nino Bien and the famous Salon Canning...


Germano Milite

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Tango workshops

Germano (Tango teacher, musician, visual artist, illustrator) started his tango formation in 1997. He learnt from numerous internationally renowned teachers such as Gustavo Naveira, Yazir Metin, Chicho Frumboli and Alessandra Mantinan.

He has been teaching since 2002 in Italy (he is among the founders of the Salerno tango school), Austria, Germany and Turkey.

In the course of his teaching he has developed his own teaching method called "TangoGermano"...

Goran Sabadoš

Web and advising

Guido Mattiussi

Musician and singer, Guido was seduced by tango when he was studying at University of Florence. He began his dance career in 2006, trained by the best teachers in Italy and abroad. As a Tango Dj he started in 2012 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste, Udine and other towns, he's actually well-known as Tdj and organizer, with hundreds of hours of experience in milongas. His musical proposal range from classical to nuevo, with a clear predilection for classic tango performed by modern and contemporary orchestras. Since 2009 he is constantly inspired by Marcelo Rojas de la 2x4 de Buenos Aires, who is also his teacher and friend.

Hrvoje Gebavi

TEF organisation and tango workshops

Hrvoje started dancing in 2004, with Latin and standard dances. Many years of competing in these sport dances created the basis in which he incorporated elements of salsa, jazz dance, ballet... and tango.

He started dancing tango in Italy in 2009. His dancing style was most strongly developed in Great Britain where he was influenced by contemporary/neo tango and Argentinian teachers.


Janette Williams

Tango workshops

Jet comes from Wales in the UK and has been dancing since a child, with her first training in ballet to a Professional/Teaching level. With extensive training in other genres, Jet travelled the world working as a Dancer and Showgirl in both TV and Theatre. She owns her own International Company employing dancers and placing Production Shows all over the Globe. She currently teaches tango in the UK. We are delighted to have her at our festival to share her innovative, elegant and intriguing moves with us :). 

Katja Arhar

Tango nuevo DJ

When describing her relationship with tango, Katja says: „I don’t know what is more beautiful – to dance or to make people dance“. She started dancing it after seeing her first tango show – the one with Mariano Chico Frumboli & Eugenia Parilla in 2005 in Ljubljana. She fell in love at first sight – with tango. She has been dancing ever since, sure that she will be dancing till her last breath.

She has participated in many workshops held by famous tango teacher couples and, as of 2013, has been dj-ing, playing traditional, nuevo and alternative tango at various milongas in Ljubljana. Tango Experiential Festival is her first international engagement :).

Luz Pazos

Tango workshops and DJ-ing

Luz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lives in Toulouse, France. She is a dancer, dance teacher and tango DJ, with rich experience as a DJ - she hosted numerous milongas, encuentros and festivals in many cities in France and Belgium. She regularly hosts her own milonga in Tarbes, “Tanguería La Bohème” and in Aureilhan, “Là Pugliese”. Luz creates quite unique energy and ambiance which milongueros and milongueras appreciate more and more!

Marija Stefanović

Meditation-in-movement workshop

Marija started exploring tango in her own way in 2009, integrating in it  her interests and knowledge coming from various areas: music, yoga, sport, massage, bioenergetics, psychology, spirituality. Going back to the simplicity and playfulness she learnt to free herself and her tango of expectations and frames. For the Festival she prepared a workshop in which inner focus, conscious movements, liberation of the body and the mind of the ego constraints and free exploration of the movements will be explored, using the elements of the Japanese butoh dance.

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Natalija Domjanovć

Thai massage workshops

Natalija started with the thai massages after having finished the basic thai massage course with Davor Haber, thai massage teacher, in Zagreb 2010, after which she attended many additional workshops.

Apart from the thai massage, Natalija is also active in aromacosmetics and aromamassage (she finished the basic and advance Primavera course Aroma Care and Aroma Culture). She also hikes, rides her bike and, of course, dances tango. 


Paras Sághi & Paul Vossen

Tango and creative dance workshops

Paras Sághi and Paul Vossen are widely known as the creators and artistic leaders of the big alternative tango gatherings called Taboe Tango Camps which they run in the Netherlands twice a year since 2007. As well as teaching at their own school in Utrecht, they have taught at many big events in the past decade such as Phantastango, Tango Safari Tango Mango and TangoNeta.

Paras and Paul will focus on a playful exploration of tango energies, expression, connection, communication and collaboration - all essential skills and attributes for a meaningful dance.

And you can be sure to find more freedom and joy in your dance after their classes!

Rebeka Kukolja

TEF organisation, tango and creative dance workshops

Rebeka has been dancing for as far as she can remember. Her formal dance education started when she was 8, at a social dance school. Very soon she started competing and winning awards with her partner at various dance competitions. Her new dance adventure started when she enrolled the Contemporary Dance School Ana Maletić in Zagreb...



TEF organisation

Tina has always been attracted to expression through dance and movement. After jazz-dance and synchronized swimming, through which she acquired the basis of the ballet technique, she was shortly dancing the standard dances, after which she started with the Argentine and neo-tango.


Zoran Šaronja

TEF organisation

Although he liked to dance during his youth, Zoran enrolled in his first social dances class some 15 years ago.

A spark ignited at this first class stayed from that day with him and led him to start dancing latin and standard dances a few years later which in turn led him to visit salsa dancing venues on every possible occasion.

Around the same time he was introduced to Argentine Tango which left a profound impression on him.

For a few years he paused all dancing activities, but finally in 2012 he started with Argentine tango lessons in Libertango Zagreb club.

He doesn't get much chance to practice and dance lately, but still does it with love and ardour.

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