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Sufi whirling or Sufi dance

About the workshop:

If you used to spin in circles as a kid, now is the time to do it again! Someone says that it is an art to be in the center of a tornado where everything is calm while, on the other side, everything else is collapsing. Getting lost in the vortex to touch your original self again is a short description of the workshop. As with most self-development techniques, we will use spinning to stop the tornado of our own thoughts and get in touch with inner silence.

Sufi Whirling is not just a dance it is an ancient spiritual practice traditionally connected with Mevlevi Sufi order (also known as Rumi`s Whirling Dervishes). You can find more about Whirling Dervishes at the following link. Its circular motion represents the endless motion in the Universe from the motion of galaxies in deep Space, through the motion of Earth around the Sun to the motion within atoms.  The way I learn it, it`s a meditation in motion, when everything around you is spinning but in the centre, there is stillness and remembrance, remembrance of God, on Creation, on Divine or Unconditional Love. It`s a space of total freedom and a highly personal and intimate experience. Come, come beloved and try it with me.

It is advisable not to eat anything 3 hours before the workshop and to wear comfortable clothes.

Reflexology - foot massage
It is a technique that uses specific reflex points on the foot to stimulate different organs and areas in the body. There are over 7,000 sensory nerve endings in each foot connected to the internal organs and body parts so with the foot massage you can reach almost every part of the body. It can be used either for immediate pain release and relaxation of tensed and painful feet and legs or as a tool for deep relaxation and stabilization of the nervous system, relieving tension, and improving circulation, helping in pain relief in different body parts (neck, shoulders, back, knees, headaches and so on), help in different psychological disturbances like anxiety, depression, insomnia and improving overall health and balance.


About the teacher of Sufi dance and foot massage:

Natalija went through many alternative medicine courses, including Sufi Whirling and foot massage. After she received the first Thai treatment from her dear friend and yoga teacher Danijel Dubičanec she was convinced she has to learn it. In 2010. she takes basic course of Thai massage in House of Sun association (today Haber Bodywork) by teacher Davor Haber. It was the start of her long relationship with Thai massage. Afterward, she deepens her knowledge through many different courses/workshops:

  1. FreeStyle Thai Massage European Gathering, island Iž, 2010.

  2. Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage, Zagreb, 2010., teacher Howard Evans.

  3. Basic course Traditional Thai Acupressure for Orthopaedic Pains, Zagreb 2010., teacher Noam Tyroler.

  4. FreeStyle Thai Massage European Gathering, island Iž, 2011.

  5. Course for Thai massage practitioners: Traditional Thai Acupressure for Orthopaedic Pains, Zagreb 2011., teacher Noam Tyroler.

  6. Workshop Dynamic Thai Massage, Zagreb 2011., teacher Takis (Krishnataki).

  7. Workshop Deep Work on Psoas, Rovinj 2017., teacher Suzana Janković.

 Besides Thai massage, she is also practicing phytotherapy and aromatherapy (Galbanum school of Phyto-aromatherapy, class of dr. sc. Stribor Marković, mag. ph.), aroma-massage, aroma cosmetics, then yoga, hiking, cycling and last but not least tango.



The workshop will be divided into two parts. In the first part, we will discuss polarities especially those related to the theme of the festival. The second part will be a practical breathing exercise. In breathwork, you can expect extensive breathing sessions and various self-transformative methods. It is not suggested to people with significant health problems (heart or kidney issues, mental diseases, critical blood pressure, epilepsy...). The workshop aims to reach deep into relaxation and touch the subtle inner levels of personal existence. This challenging and demanding work could tell you more about yourself and lead you to a personal crisis or give you a fresh life – power. Therefore, we ask kindly all participants for discretion and support regarding others. Lead by: Hrvoje Gebavi



A level 1-2 class, suitable for beginner and intermediate students. Classes emphasize flowing into and out of classic yoga beginning poses (asanas): standing poses, sitting poses,
mild twists, easier backbends variations, followed by phases for cool down and internal peace.
Classes also introduce techniques of breath work (pranayama), focus techniques, chakra theory and sound methods to improve your connection to body, mind and spirit.
We will also have 2 special classes for tango dancers: yoga for tango festival dancers; and a partner yoga class (if you can dance tango with a partner, you can do partner yoga - no partner required).

Russell has over forty years of yoga practice in USA and India. He is a Certified Yoga Teacher, with about 20 years of yoga teaching experience.

Beach party


All participants will have the opportunity for gathering by lake Bajer. The host, beach bar Hunter is placed about a 12-minute walk from the festival location. We are heartily inviting you to come since you can enjoy chatting with friends, swimming in the lake, participating in the games organized by TEF team and having a great afternoon with the music played by Francesco Emanuele. In case of not adequate weather, the gathering will be substituted with additional lessons and/or practica or shifted for another day.



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