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NeoTango Marathon  

28 - 30 June 2024, Zagreb, Croatia


About NeoTango Marathon

Welcome to the NeoTango Marathon in Zagreb, from 28-30. 6. 2024!
Join us for a mesmerizing journey into the world of NeoTango at our upcoming marathon event in Zagreb. Experience the passion, elegance, and unique charm of this modern interpretation of traditional Tango.

Get ready to dance the night away surrounded by a vibrant community of tango enthusiasts, all gathered to celebrate this dynamic and evolving dance style. Whether you're a seasoned tango dancer or new to the scene, this event promises to enchant you with its energy and spirit.

Mark your calendars and be part of this unforgettable tango experience!


6-7 pm Workshop

Janette & Eduardo (UK)

8-03 Night Neolonga 


12.45-13.45 pm Workshop

Janette & Eduardo (UK)

2-3 pm  Workshop

Rebeka & Hrvoje (CRO)

3-7 pm Afternoon Neolonga 

8 pm-03am Night Neolonga


2-6 pm Afternoon Neolonga

8 pm-12 pm Goodbye Neolonga 

In charge of music...
DJ Mari Germany
DJ Nikola Croatia
DJ Ivan Croatia
DJ Botond HUngary
DJ Luca Italy
jean marc.jpg
DJ Hrvoje Croatia

Regular:  100 €  [3 days, all neolonga]

Night neolonga:  25 €  

Afternoon neolonga:  20 €  

Tango Workshop:  15 €  (*private lessons on request)


Registration is obligatory for all festival participants!



Metropolis Club: Where Time Stops for Neo Tango Enthusiasts!

Located at Avenija Dubrovnik 10 in Zagreb, Croatia, Metropolis Club is an underground venue where time stops. The 800 m2 club, with a spacious 120 m2 dance floor, embodies a modern design that perfectly aligns with the innovative concepts of neotango.

This vibrant club serves as a hub for tango enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the energy and elegance of this evolving dance style. With its contemporary ambiance and dedication to neotango ideals, Metropolis Club sets the stage for unforgettable dance experiences and community connections.





Calling all Neo Tango Promoters in Zagreb!

Are you passionate about spreading the Neo Tango fever? Join us as promoters for the upcoming NeoTango Marathon in Zagreb and be a part of an extraordinary tango-experiential experience. Help us ignite the tango community with your promotional skills and enthusiasm. Get ready to showcase the beauty of Neo Tango to dancers far and wide. Let's come together and make this Neo Tango Marathon in Zagreb an event to remember! Contact us!!!

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