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Tango Experiential Festival: 

Five Elements

Fužine, 10th - 15th July 2018


About the Tango Experiential Festival 2018

(Fužine, Franje Račkog 19, Croatia)

Motive picture of TEF 2018 - Courtesy of Dreja Novak!

The second-year edition of the neo Tango Experiential Festival (TEF) is dedicated to - the Five Elements.

It is said that the whole world is composed of 5 elements. Everything there is, is a dance, a game, of Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and all-connecting and ever-present, Spirit. Everything, including you, exists as a result of their infinite combinations. You cannot escape them – as you ARE them.

This is why the TEF 2018 is dedicated to them. They will be present in our activities, atmosphere, and inner reflections…

The Festival is held in the beautiful surroundings of Gorski kotar, in Fužine, Croatia, 30-min drive from the sea, but still in the mountain part that makes the temperatures in the summer perfect! See how to get to Fužine here.

To see what awaits you this year, and how it was last year... see below:)




What we have designed for you, for you co-creation of beauty, meaning, and tango-magic, is the following:

  • Neolongas every night, with contemporary music and international DJ-s

  • Tango workshops with international teachers

  • Open-air milonga, tango show

  • Yoga, breathing and meditation classes

  • Drumming and Thai massage workshops

  • Trips into the nature

  • Hugs, friendships, great music, numerous opportunities for learning, expansion and fun!