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Tango Experiential Festival: 

Five Elements

Fužine, 10th - 15th July 2018


About the Tango Experiential Festival 2018

(Fužine, Franje Račkog 19, Croatia)

Motive picture of TEF 2018 - Courtesy of Dreja Novak!

The second-year edition of the neo Tango Experiential Festival (TEF) is dedicated to - the Five Elements.

It is said that the whole world is composed of 5 elements. Everything there is, is a dance, a game, of Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and all-connecting and ever-present, Spirit. Everything, including you, exists as a result of their infinite combinations. You cannot escape them – as you ARE them.

This is why the TEF 2018 is dedicated to them. They will be present in our activities, atmosphere, and inner reflections…

The Festival is held in the beautiful surroundings of Gorski kotar, in Fužine, Croatia, 30-min drive from the sea, but still in the mountain part that makes the temperatures in the summer perfect! See how to get to Fužine here.

To see what awaits you this year, and how it was last year... see below:)




What we have designed for you, for you co-creation of beauty, meaning, and tango-magic, is the following:

  • Neolongas every night, with contemporary music and international DJ-s

  • Tango workshops with international teachers

  • Open-air milonga, tango show

  • Yoga, breathing and meditation classes

  • Drumming and Thai massage workshops

  • Trips into the nature

  • Hugs, friendships, great music, numerous opportunities for learning, expansion and fun!


Our teachers
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Germano und Betka Otra luna HD 13.08.2011
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Tango Experiential
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Ryszard and Monika Tango after class in Swansea 2013
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In charge of music...

KATJA (Slovenia)



THIERRY (France)



HRVOJE (Croatia)

Live Tango Band

Live Tango Performance



Additional workshops




Thai Massage & Cosmetics



Additional offer
Fresh DJs Spirit



Apart from the well-known neo-DJs with long national and international experience - see above :), we will also host some DJs with less experience - to share with us their enthusiasm, freshness, and ideas. And some of them will be playing music for the first time!!! 
Meet Luca, Nikola, Ivan, and yet another rare lady-gem among the gentlemen - Irina - at the Tango Experiential Festival in Croatia!


Accommodation and Food - fully booked!!!


Fužinarska kuća - Croatian shire, (Franje Račkog 30, 51322 Fužine, Croatia)

During the Tango Experiential Festival (TEF), Fužinarska kuca – Croatian shire, a small hotel, offers special prices for the accommodation and meals - please note that all the meals are vegetarian.

2-bed room and 3 meals/day: 31 eur/person (all 2-bed rooms are already taken!)

3-bed room and 3 meals/day: 28 eur/person

4-bed room and 3 meals/day: 25 eur/person

5-bed room and 3 meals/day: 22 eur/person

Children up to age of 10 ..............20% discount

Additional board (dinner on 10th July and breakfast on 15th July) - 30 kn less than the daily prices.

Fužinarska kuća - Croatian shire can host up to 70 people. Please note that single rooms are not available, the double rooms are already taken, and that the rooms now available are 3-bed and 4-bed rooms, and a smaller number of 5-bed rooms.

Once you have registered for the TEF 2018 and made the payment, and if in the registration form you have stated that you want to be situated in Fužinarska kuća - Croatian shire, we will book the room for you.

Single rooms and additional 2-bed rooms are avaialable nearby, close to the Festival venue. Our organisation team can assist you in finding the additional accommodation, outside of Fužinarska kuća - Croatian shire; however we cannot guarantee for the prices.

Payments for the accommodation are made directly to the accommodation provider, on the spot.

Reach us easily

Still wondering how to reach us? Check out the information by clicking on the button below.


For your greater satisfaction, and to keep you relaxed and in the mood for the dancing floor, we offer some special deals for taxi transfers to and from the nearest airports...

How to register and book your stay

To register for your stay at the Tango Experiential Festival please fill in and submit the Registration Form (click on the button below - Register - to go there).

In the Registration form please specify which type of accommodation you are interested in and what days of Festival you wish to participate.


Please note that we can hold your places for a short period of time and that your registration will be considered as complete, thus your place fully booked, only after your payment is received.

Tango Experiential Festival Friends

We are proud to present our friends supporting the Tango Experiential Festival 2018:


Primorsko-Goranska County - the county in Croatia in which our Festival is located. Supporting the Festival with a donation.

Fužine Municipality - supporting the TEF activities by providing us the space in which milongas are held, as well as organizational advice.

Tourist Association Fužine - sponsoring in part the live performance of the Don Juan tango orchestra

Moj Korak studio and Zvezdica practica - our friends from Ljubljana, Slovenia, active in promoting and practicing neo-tango and neo-tango events.

Yoga and Tango - a method, that combines elements of different arts of Yoga, meditation and Argentinian Tango to find your own centre and balance by being in Silence, even if there is noise around you. It is established in Germany by Ginta and Jürgen Schindler, experienced tango dancers and teachers, and organizers of various tango and yoga related events.

Testimonials 2017 ... and more :)


It was an incredible experience...deep will be hard to wait next year :)

Thanks to all people who have allowed to live this dream so deep and intense and thanks especially to the organizers. Thank you! Namaste


Wow, an amazing festival. Wonderful dancers, beautiful people on the outside and inside. Thanks to all the organisers and hospitality of the hotel owners. Thank you!!!


Thanks very much to you beautiful team and all dancers I met, quality people. Those 5 days were full of suprises and crazy tango, activities  in nature, overwhelmed me with lively energy. Great job!

TEF Friends


This event should become a classic „go to“ event for all lovers of neolonga.

LUCIE. T., France

I was so satisfied by your very very special and wonderful Tango festival. It was like really experimental, somehow familiar and at the same time high quality level of teaching, Milongas and concept of connecting Tango with other methods and approaches. It was like expanding Tango much wider than it is taught normally...


Thank you! We danced our souls out and now they can fly anywhere to be fullfilled.

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Zagreb, Croatia

+385 91 440 0400

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