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Tango Experiential Festival growing and glowing :)

We are proud to share with you the recent developments in the organization and preparation of our, and your, Tango Experiential Festival :).

With us we are going to have:

  • Participants and guests from all over Europe! (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, UK... and they keep registering 😊)

  • International tango teachers! (Luz Pazos (France); Germano Milite (Austria), Paras and Paul (the Netherlands), Janette Williams (UK); Rebeka and Hrvoje (Croatia))

  • International tango nuevo and traditional tango DJs! (Elio (Italy), Katja (Slovenia), Dragoljub Marko J (Serbia), Luz (France), Hrvoje (Croatia), Krystof (Poland)...

We'll keep you posted - more info coming!

Join us for fun and growth :).

Tango Experiential

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