Jul 10, 2017

Sharing a cab from Rijeka


Anyone interested in sharing a cab, tomorrow 11/07, from Rijeka around 16h30/17h ?

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  • hi beautiful people, i will leave Venise towards Fuzine on the 11th in the mornig, if you are passing by and have a car, i would be happy to have a seat and do carsharing, if you do like me contact me so we could go together, take care, I am looking forwards seeing you at the event anyway Tatiana
  • anyone landing in Rijeka around 3pm on the 11th? Want to share a taxi? We are 2 at the moment. If we can get 8, it would be 70 euro total.
  • If you have knowledge, share it; if you have meditation, share it; if you have love, share it. Whatsoever you have, share it; spread it all over; let it spread like the fragrance of a flower going to the winds. And this sharing goes on, on all levels, in all directions, in all dimensions. Whatsoever you have, you share. And this is one of the most basic things to understand: that the more you share something, the more it grows in you. Share whatsoever you have and it will grow; cling to it, become afraid of sharing, of friendship, of love, and it will shrink. Life knows only one law, and that is of expansion, of sharing. - Osho -