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Location of the Tango Experiential Festival 2018

Fužine, Croatia

Location of the Tango Experiential Festival 2018

The Fužine Municipality Hall, Dr. Franje Račkog 19, Fužine, Croatia.

All milongas (other than the one in the open on the 14th July 2018) will take place in the spacious wooden-floored Fužine Municipality Hall with a gallery. The Hall is situated in the Fužine municipality building, right across the Fužinarska kuca - Croatian shire, where we are located. This is also the Hall in which the tango workshops will be held.

Additional workhsop will take place either in the Fužine municipality Hall, or in the Fužinarska kuca - Croatian shire hall.

How to get to Fužine? 


The bigger cities nearby Fužine with the airports and regular flight connections, and from which you can then arrange your travel to Fužine by bus or train (please see By Bus and By train sections below), are:

Zagreb airport:

Pula airport:

Rijeka airport:

Zadar airport:

Trieste airport (Italy):

There are numerous cheap flight companies flying to Croatia – Ryanair, Wizzair, German Wings, Easyjet...


There is an everyday Autotrans bus connection Zagreb-Fužine-Rijeka ( The one-way ticket from Zagreb costs 70 kn (around 9 eur) and it takes less than 2 hours to reach Fužine. The one-way ticket from Rijeka costs 30 kn (around 4 eur) for less than a 30-minute-journey to Fužine.

You can check the bus options and lines on, or


Fužine is one of the train stops on the Zagreb-Rijeka-Zagreb line. The one-way ticket from Zagreb costs around 100 kn (around 12 eur) and it takes about 3 hours to reach Fužine, and the ticket from Rijeka costs approximately 30 kn (around 4 eur) for a 1-hour journey.

For more information please consult: 


If you are driving by car to Fužine, the easiest way is to take the A6 Zagreb - Rijeka highway to the Vrata node and than continue for a few kilometres to the centre of Fužine (Zagreb - Fužine 130 km - 1.4 h; Rijeka - Fužine 40 km - 30 min).


The prices of taxi transfer from nearest airports, to Fužine, and vice-versa:

Prices for a taxi, the maximum of 3 passengers, one direction, price per vehicle:

  • Zagreb airport – Fužine: 1000 kn (around 131 eur)

  • Krk airport – Fužine: 520 kn (around 68 eur)

  • Pula airport – Fužine: 960 kn (around 126 eur)

Prices for a larger vehicle (mini bus); for the maximum of 8 passengers, one direction: 

  • Zagreb airport – Fužine: 1600 kn (around 210 eur)

  • Krk airport – Fužine: 1120 kn (around 147 eur)

  • Pula airport – Fužine: 1560 kn (around 205 eur)

Direct contact for all the arrangements:

Rudi Čorak

Mob: +385 (0)91 4975881

Mob: +385 (0)91 1288778





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