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There’s a special kind of tango addict who wants to go beyond the familiar into new territory. To explore a space where there are no limits to their creativity, to the possibilities. Have you tasted this kind of tango? Find that tangasmic moment of ecstasy in your body, in your relationship with gravity, the earth, in your boundlessly creative connection with your partner and the music. This is your moment. DJ Alison searches across cultures and genres to find the music to make your magic moments happen. Let’s connect, let’s play, let’s embrace some magic.

Alison is a tango nomad, making friends and deejaying in the US, Argentina and Europe and organizing neotango events in Los Angeles and beyond…



He loves to dance tango, but also loves DJing. His music ranges from traditional tango, new orchestras, and alternative tango music, and in his opinion, everybody can find love&passion in dancing tango on neomusic.

He started DJing many years ago when he was younger, mostly disco music, two deck and a tons of vinil LP, after, following the tango passion, he chooses to use his ‘know-how’ in order to propose a new point of view on milongas following the neotango wave. Today he proposes his music selections on many milongas and neolongas in Triest, Zagreb, and Ljubljana.




In 2016, the encounter with Tango family made her inspired in so many different ways. Freedom to express feelings and emotions through music, dance, movement and contact became an indispensable part of her life. She plays with love and passion, adapting the music to the atmosphere on the dance floor.

Moreover, she plays neo tango music on a regular basis in Tango Experiential club and in Tango Experiential festival, Croatia.




Entering the tango-neo world at the tender age of 32, this Zagreb-based DJ started playing in 2018.

His love for melodic and somewhat eclectic songs, from ethnic, classical to electronic music and love for the female vocals opened up a DJing place in local nuevo practicas and milongas in Zagreb and got him a seat in the YoungDJ lineup in the TEF 2018.




Raised on a diet of Pink Floyd, Richard Strauss and Maurice Ravel, starts recording mixtapes not long after becoming a student in a music school. Eight years later plays Dyens's Tango en Skai on his guitar and falls in love with Tango. A dancer since 2007, later joins Tango Experiential collective, compiles playlists and plays his neotango selections at dance events in Zagreb, Croatia.




Mari is based in Hamburg, Germany. Music has always been important in her life and she has been dancing tango for 20 years. Because she wanted more variety and dance to the music that touched her more personally, she became a DJane. Making a playlist is a creative act for her. She performs weekly in and around Hamburg and is the only 100% Neo-/Non-DJ there. At NeoTangoRave and Phantastango she has been part of the DJ team for 7 years and she did the final events at some international marathons. Her music is very versatile, Jazz, Electro, Blues, Rock, Ambient, Oriental, Dubstep, Klassik, Folk, Trip Hop, Contemporary Tango.... Hamburg is on the water and the musical mood on her Milongas is like a wave, always in motion. For Mari, Neo-Tango means: listen, let in, dive in, try out, discover, don't have to be perfect and have fun.



Hrvoje Gebavi was introduced to the world of dance in 2004. Several years of competitive ballroom dances gave him body awareness and technical background which will turn out to be one of the major keys for his future dance. After the ballroom dances, he had short journeys to the worlds of salsa, jazz dance, ballet... and tango.

In 2009 he started dancing traditional Argentinian tango in Italy. However, his neo-tango dancing style was mostly developed in Great Britain where he was influenced by several domestic and international tango teachers. After all, it turned out that the taste of all the dances he came in touch with, together with the gained knowledge from a very few tango teachers became integrated into his particular neo-tango style of dancing.

Together with his friends, he started Tango Experiential club in Croatia in 2014. Interestingly, the name Tango Experiential was created in Swansea by one of his dear friends, describing the idea in which the experiences from all other dances are unified in one, personal, neo-tango style.

At the moment, he runs regular tango courses, organizing neolongas and also plays neo-tango music in Zagreb. The very peak of the tango season for him is the alternative Tango Experiential Festival in Croatia where one can taste a novel vision of tango which was growing during all these years.

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