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In charge of music

Katja (Slovenia)

When describing her relationship with tango, Katja says: „I don’t know what is more beautiful – to dance or to make people dance“. She started dancing it after seeing her first tango show – the one with Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Eugenia Parilla in 2005 in Ljubljana. She fell in love at first sight – with tango. She has been dancing ever since, sure that she will be dancing till her last breath.

She has participated in many workshops held by famous tango teacher couples and, as of 2013, has been dj-ing, playing traditional, nuevo and alternative tango at various milongas in Ljubljana. Tango Experiential Festival was her first international engagement :).


Guido (Italy)

Musician and singer, he was seduced by tango when he was studying at Florence UNI. As a dancer he began his career in 2006, trained by the best teachers in Italy and abroad. As a Tango Dj he started in 2011 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste, Udine and other towns, he's actually well-known as Tdj and organizer, with thousands of hours of experience in milongas, also in other Italian regions (Modena Tango Marathon, Venice and Mestre...) and abroad (Croatia, Ljubljana, Tango Bar Wien). His musical proposal ranges from classical to nuevo, with a clear predilection for classic tango performed by modern and contemporary orchestras. Since 2009 he is finding constant inspiration with Marcelo Rojas de la 2x4 de Buenos Aires, who is teacher and friend.

Jean-Marc (Switzerland)

Born and raised in Switzerland, Jean-Marc has been fascinated by Electrotango since he first discovered it back in 1985. In 1994, he founded the Tangofolie association, which organized one of the oldest tango festival in the world: "Les Tangofolies de Lausanne".

Since 2006, Jean-Marc has been actively promoting the cause of Neotango by organizing the only Neolonga in the Lake Geneva region. Jean-Marc performed in all main Neotango festivals : Bremen, Munich, Rome, Nantes, Toulouse & Stuttgart. He was also invited in Paris, Hanover, Lyon, Aix-les-Bains, Metz, Honfleur, Kiev & Minsk... An avid and eclectic music aficionado, he likes mixing different styles in his sets. His performances offer a multimedia experience, in which he strives to find the perfect balance between known pieces and new discoveries.



Thierry (France)

Thierry is above all a creative dancer who loves playing with music. 
He's coming from swing  and blues dances before falling in love with tango. He's been dancing since 1998 and waited till 2016 to start offering his own musical programming with songs he likes to dance. Blues and neo tango are its DJ specialities 
His wide dancing background allow him to find alternative tango songs from various musical universes suited to make you dance in different ways, and why not enrich your tango with moves coming from other dances. He is one of the organizer of Toulouse NeoTango Marathon  and Neo Tango Amsterdam festival

Hrvoje (Croatia)

Hrvoje has been dancing as of 2004, Latin and standard dances, salsa, jazz dance, ballet... and tango. His dancing style was most strongly developed in Great Britain where he was influenced by contemporary/neo tango and Argentinian teachers. In his dancing style you can see all the dances he ever got in touch with. Together with his friends, he started Tango Experiential Club in 2014 in Zagreb, running dance courses and organizing dance evenings, and contributing as a tango DJ. His tango engagement expanded in the meantime through organizing the Tango Experiential Festival.

As a Nuevo/Neo DJ Quantum he plays music which makes one's soul fly, music on which dancer can dance tango, music which transmits them a message with deeper life meaning and touches them from the inside.

Apart from dance, as of 1999 Hrvoje has been engaged in various self-development disciplines, which you can taste at the Tango Experiential Festival.

Don Juan Tango Orchestra (Croatia)

Don Juan Tango Orchestra was founded by a tanguero and musician Ivan Žitko – Sova, in May 2017. The first members were Stella Gregurić (piano), Ivan Zovko and Ivan Grubišić (violins) and Anamarija Nerad (accordion); who were after some time joined by Adrian Humaan (guitar) and Hrvoje Cicvarić (double bass).

The orchestra is occasionally joined by a male and female singers. In this this it way continues with the original Sova’s idea, thus paying tribute to beatiful moments spent together creating this orchestra. To honour these deep memories of the founder, the orchestra is named Don Juan.

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