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Tango Experiential Festival 
NeoAvatar-5th edition
14 - 20 August 2023, Fužine, Croatia


Who are we is a mystery which should be uncovered. Some people can touch the very essence of their being through dance while using their body as the avatar for a new experience. Therefore, this year the festival is dedicated to exploring our physical, energy, mental, intuitive, and bliss body. Each body layer is one aspect of NeoAvatar that we will explore at Tango Experiential Festival.

The theme of TEF 2023 festival - NeoAvatar 


Where are we?


4. borovi E8E8E8 boja pozadine.jpg


Dance activities are held at Municipality Hall (Franje Račkog 19, 51322 Fužine, Croatia) while some additional workshops at Fužinarska house (Franje Račkog 30, 51322 Fužine, Croatia). 

See how to get to Fužine by click on 'Location details' .




7. 2023 tef  programme potkova.jpg

What we have designed for you is co-creation of beauty, art, and tango-magic:)


  • Neolongas every night, with excellent neo/contemporary music and great DJs

  • Tango workshops with international teachers

  • Tango show

  • Yoga, breathing and meditation classes

  • Self-development workshops

  • Life on Earth - trips to nature 

  • Hugs, friendships and numerous opportunities for learning, expansion and fun!

  • Surprises .... :)



Hostel 'Fužinarska kuća - Croatian shire', (Franje Račkog 30, 51322 Fužine, Croatia)


Sharing the room gives a special taste to Tango Experiential Festival!!! During the Tango Experiential Festival (TEF), Fužinarska house – Croatian shire, a nice hostel (for up to 70 people), offers special prices for the accommodation and vegetarian meals. 

 Step 1. - Contributions

Please choose the type of the pass you'd like to take (click the button Contributions for all info).





Step 2. - Registration 

To register for your stay at the Tango Experiential Festival please fill in and submit the Registration Form. Registration is obligatory for all festival participants.

No place for a single follower available;(






Tango Experiential Festival Friends

We are proud to present our friends supporting the Tango Experiential Festival:


Primorsko-Goranska County - the county in Croatia in which our Festival is located. 

Fužine Municipality - supporting the TEF activities by providing the dance hall.

Tourist Association Fužine 

Tango Infusion  - Botond and Nóra

Kewik Wood and Resin Jewelry 

Ringana - make the Earth greener and healthier

Tango Festivals Calendar

Tango Alchemy

Tango Partner - Connect with nearby dance partners

Dance Us!



Testimonials 2022 and 2019 

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