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Programme TEF 2019

(subject to change)

*Please, find attached the programme structure. Details will be announced prior to the festival begin.

     Our days will be dedicated to:

Day 1: Art of Creation

Creation is the ultimate manifestation of our being. Being creative while dancing shifts our awareness out of everything that we think we are and therefore brings us closer to what we really are. How do we know it? Well, do you remember the feeling of being deeply filled after you created something? Even the short thought, remembering the experience when we were creative leaves the paper-white... NeoTango Warrior can be recognized by his creativity on the dance floor and life...

Day 2: Balance - Equilibrium - Harmony

Balance in dancing shows harmony in life. Continues flow, warmth, softness or even sharpness are just the manifestations of how we live. Bring the awareness to each moment while you dancing and create, built yourself as new NeoTango Warrior!

Day 3. Love

Love-the ultimate value, just one step beyond the total freedom. So many words are written, so many stories spoken... However, Neo Tango Warrior searches for the experience of love as he has never tasted it, never heard for it, never seen it...he is looking to unmask the ultimate life mystery.

Day 4: Gratitude

Bringing the gratitude in life holds us in contact with existence. Although by its very nature we are already in contact with the existence at each moment, sometimes the life journey can bring us immense pain and cause disconnection. Being thankful for what we have decreases the inner suffering on any level. It is one of the qualities which NeoTango Warrior brings wherever he steps.


Day 5. NeoTango Warrior

NeoTango Warrior walks in an unpredictable way, fearlessly goes out of balance and returns to equilibrium. He looks for perfection and art within his totality, always searching for the unknown outside and within at the same time. The feeling of the last dance pushing him forward in the next step. He is silent, filled with gratitude, love and responsibility. He gives himself freedom for a spontaneous and unpredictable next step because creativity is in his nature. He leads and follows simultaneously while breathing, creating new steps with awareness in the neo-music rhythm. Being inside and outside the life-dance in each moment keeps him awake. He creates the present moment while caring for the future. Not separated from the past, he brings all of his past experiences into the present moment. To stay in the state of pure love as long as the neo-music plays is his goal. We cannot say that he exists, only that his inspiration flows through us!

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