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Branko Džinović


Branko Džinović studied the bandoneon in Buenos Aires with Hugo Satorre (Otros Aires) and Horacio Romo (Sexteto Mayor). He is one of the few European bandoneonistas performing on the original AA (Alfred Arnold) instrument. In Toronto, where he resided for the past five years, he co-formed Paydora tango ensemble, with whom he released two studio albums. Branko currently resides in Serbia and is connecting with the European tango communities small and large.



Born and raised in Switzerland, Jean-Marc has been fascinated by Electrotango since he first discovered it back in 1985. In 1994, he founded the Tangofolie association, which organized one of the oldest tango festival in the world: "Les Tangofolies de Lausanne".

Since 2006, Jean-Marc has been actively promoting the cause of Neotango by organizing the only Neolonga in the Lake Geneva region. Jean-Marc performed in all main Neotango festivals: Bremen, Munich, Rome, Nantes, Toulouse & Stuttgart. He was also invited in Paris, Hanover, Lyon, Aix-les-Bains, Metz, Honfleur, Kiev & Minsk... An avid and eclectic music aficionado, he likes mixing different styles in his sets. His performances offer a multimedia experience, in which he strives to find the perfect balance between known pieces and new discoveries.




He loves to dance tango, but also loves DJing. His music ranges from traditional tango, new orchestras, and alternative tango music, and in his opinion, everybody can find love&passion in dancing tango on neomusic.

He started DJing many years ago when he was younger, mostly disco music, two deck and a tons of vinil LP, after, following the tango passion, he choose to use his ‘know-how’ in order to propose a new point of view on milongas following the neotango wave. Today he proposes his music selections on many milongas and neolongas in Triest, Zagreb, and Ljubljana.




Thierry is above all a creative dancer who loves playing with music.

He's coming from swing and blues dances before falling in love with tango. He's been dancing since 1998 and waited till 2016 to start offering his own musical programming with songs he likes to dance. Blues and neo tango are his DJ specialties.

His wide dancing background allows him to find alternative tango songs from various musical universes suited to make you dance in different ways, and why not enrich your tango with moves coming from other dances. He is one of the organizers of Toulouse NeoTango Marathon and Neo Tango Amsterdam festival.




In 2016, the encounter with Tango family made her inspired in so many different ways. Freedom to express feelings and emotions through music, dance, movement and contact became an indispensable part of her life. She plays with love and passion, adapting the music to the atmosphere on the dance floor.

Moreover, she plays neo tango music on a regular basis in Tango Experiential club and in Tango Experiential festival, Croatia.




Entering the tango-neo world at the tender age of 32, this Zagreb-based DJ started playing in 2018.

His love for melodic and somewhat eclectic songs, from ethnic, classical to electronic music and love for the female vocals opened up a DJing place in local nuevo practicas and milongas in Zagreb and got him a seat in the YoungDJ lineup in the TEF 2018.




Raised on a diet of Pink Floyd, Richard Strauss and Maurice Ravel, starts recording mixtapes not long after becoming a student in a music school. Eight years later plays Dyens's Tango en Skai on his guitar and falls in love with Tango. A dancer since 2007, later joins Tango Experiential collective, compiles playlists and plays his neotango selections at dance events in Zagreb, Croatia.




Hrvoje started dancing in 2004, with Latin and standard dances. Many years of competing in these sports dances created the basis in which he incorporated elements of salsa, jazz dance, ballet... and tango.

He started dancing tango in Italy in 2009. His dancing style was most strongly developed in Great Britain where he was influenced by contemporary/neo tango and Argentinian teachers. In his dancing style, you can see all the dances he got in touch with.

Together with his friends, he started Tango Experiential Club in 2014 in Zagreb, within which he has been running dance courses, organizing dance evenings and Tango Experiential Festival.

Of all of his teachers, he has the greatest appreciation for his dancing partners who had enough patience for his novel ideas and mistakes.

He plays neo-tango music on the regular neolongas in Zagreb as well as on some international marathons.

Apart from dance, as of 1999 Hrvoje has been engaged in various self-development disciplines, which you can taste at the Tango Experiential Festival.

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