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Recommended contributions 


We offer you 3 options for the period 1.1.-1.4. 2020 (Early Birds):


1. Complete -Full festival activities for all days

Donation Complete: 220 eur (all workshops, trip to nature and neolongas included for all days)

(Monday (15eur)+Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (40 eur)+Thursday (45 eur)=220 eur) .

2. Creative - full festival activities for some days

If you would like to participate only at some specific dates then create your festival's  donation as follows:

Monday's neolonga 15 eur, and from Tuesday-Saturday 45 eur (all activities included).

*On Thursday you can choose one or both activities: Trip to Nature (30 eur)+Neolonga (15 eur).

3. Only neolonga  (includes only dance evenings)

The contribution for each neolonga is 15 eur.


Neolonga for all festival days is 75 eur (1 day gratis).

Hurry up since the contributions will increase after 1.4.2020!

The contributions should be sent to the account provided in the email that you will receive upon the registration!



Cancellation policy

In the case that you cannot attend the festival, the ticket can be transferred to another person. Please, inform us about the change as soon as possible and we will give our best to hold the eventual accommodation booking at Fužinarska house.

Otherwise, until the end of April, the full amount reduced for the bank fee will be refunded.

During May and June, half of the received payment reduced for the bank fee will be refunded. From July until the end of the festival no refunds are possible.

Your contribution is safe! In case of a long coronavirus duration (in what we do not believe;)!) and festival cancellation we will refund you completely!

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