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About the Tango Experiential Festival

Tango Experiential Festival is a unique tango festival that brings art, tango, and self-development together. At the festival, we play neo/contemporary music which triggers and opens new possibilities regarding body movement and dance elements. Apart from numerous tango workshops, dance evenings and tango concerts you can find various workshops dedicated to self-development, health, and nature such as massage, yoga, trips to nature, djembe and didgeridoo jamming, dream-catchers, natural cosmetics, blues dance…

In between the numerous workshops, you'll be given a chance to mingle even more as most of the festival participants have common accommodation at Fužinarska house.

Each year has its own story and theme (The Six-Senses in 2017 , Five Elements in 2018 , NeoTango Warrior 2019Between Polarities 2022NeoAvatar 2023) which determines the activities and dance hall decorations. How it really is can be understood only through the Experience:). Come and join us this year!

To see how it was last year... see below :)

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