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Statute of the association Može i drugačije (engl. 'It could be different')

 Condensed version 

Article 3

The title of the association is: Može i drugačije – Centar za savjetovanje i edukaciju.  

Abbreviated title of the association is: Može i drugačije

The title of the association in English is: It could be different – Centre for counselling and education.

The seat of the association is in Zagreb.

Goal of the association

Article 7

The association is established with the purpose of maintaining, enhancing and promoting the quality of life of individuals, groups and communities.

Enhancing the quality of life is achieved by encouraging personal development through supporting healthy lifestyles; counselling, creating, implementing and valuing educational activities and experiential learning programmes; organizing and promoting cultural values and sustainable development, through strengthening active citizenship, development of intercultural cooperation, encouragement and development of educational policy and programmes for all ages.

The association exclusively and directly supports goals that are generally accepted and valued.

The field of work of the association is social activity, health protection and spirituality.


Article  12

Association members can be regular or temporary.

Regular members are those who continuously participate in the work of the association. Any adult capable for business activities can become a regular member.

Temporary members are those who occasionally participate in certain programmes organized by the association.

Any physical or legal entity can become a temporary member.

Article 14

To become a temporary member one has to personally submit the application for temporary membership in the association, and pay a monthly or annual membership fee.

The decision about the amount of the temporary membership fee is made by the president.

The monthly membership is valid for one (1) month from the date of becoming the member, and annual for one (1) year from the date of becoming the member.

Article 15

One becomes the member of the association by being registered in the Membership register, on the basis of the decisions of the bodies, and procedures envisaged by the Statute. The Membership register is kept by the President.

The Membership register is kept electronically and contains information about the name of the member, personal identification number (PIN), date of birth, date of becoming the member of the association, membership category, e-mail address, telephone number and date of ending the membership.

The Membership register is always available to all the members and competent bodies, at their request.

Article 17

The rights and responsibilities of temporary members of the associations are:

  • Respecting the provisions of the Statute and other general acts of the association

  • Meeting general goals and tasks, and raising and maintaining the reputation of the association

  • Participating in the activities of the association

  • Paying the membership fee

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