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Tango Experiential Festival 

NeoTango Warrior

13 - 17. 8. 2019. Fužine, Croatia

The theme of TEF 2019 festival - NeoTango Warrior 

NeoTango Warrior walks in an unpredictable way, fearlessly goes out of balance and returns to equilibrium. He looks for perfection and art within his totality, always searching for the unknown outside and within at the same time. The feeling of the last dance pushing him forward in the next step. He is silent, filled with gratitude, love and responsibility. He gives himself freedom for a spontaneous and unpredictable next step because creativity is in his nature. He leads and follows simultaneously while breathing, creating new steps with awareness in the neo-music rhythm. Being inside and outside the life-dance in each moment keeps him awake. He creates the present moment while caring for the future. Not separated from the past, he brings all of his past experiences into the present moment. To stay in the state of pure love as long as the neo-music plays is his goal. We cannot say that he exists, only that his inspiration flows through us!

About the Tango Experiential Festival

Tango Experiential festival is a unique tango festival which brings art, tango and self-development together. At the festival, we play neo/contemporary music which triggers and opens new possibilities regarding body movement and dance elements. Apart from numerous tango workshops, dance evenings and tango concerts in the open you can find various workshops dedicated to self-development, health, and nature such as massage, yoga, trips to nature, djembe and didgeridoo jamming, dream-catchers, natural cosmetics, blues dance…

In between the numerous workshops, you'll be given a chance to mingle even more as most of the festival participants have common accommodation at Fužinarska house.

Each year has its own story and theme (The Six-Senses in 2017 , Five Elements in 2018) which determines the activities and dance hall decorations. How it really is can be understood only through the Experience:). Come and join us this year and become the NeoTango Warrior!

To see how it was last years... see below:)

Where we are?


The Festival takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Gorski Kotar county, in Fužine, Croatia, around 30-min drive from the sea, but still in the mountain region that makes the temperatures in the summer perfect! 

Dance activities are held at Municipality Hall (Franje Račkog 19, 51322 Fužine, Croatia) while some other workshops at Fužinarska house (Franje Račkog 30, 51322 Fužine, Croatia). 

See how to get to Fužine by click on 'Location details' button.





What we have designed for you is co-creation of beauty, art, and tango-magic:):


  • Neolongas every night, with contemporary music and international DJ-s

  • Tango workshops with international teachers

  • Tango show

  • Yoga, breathing and meditation classes

  • Thai massage workshop

  • Life on Earth - trips into nature

  • Hugs, friendships, great music, numerous opportunities for learning, expansion and fun!

  • Surprises .... :)

In charge of music...
nikola baran.jpg
Registration and contributions

To register for your stay at the Tango Experiential Festival please fill in and submit the Registration Form (click on the button below - Register - to go there). Registration is obligatory for all festival participants.


After the registration, please choose your contribution rate and payment methods (click the button Contributions for all info).






Accommodation and Food


Fužinarska kuća - Croatian shire, (Franje Račkog 30, 51322 Fužine, Croatia)


During the Tango Experiential Festival (TEF), Fužinarska house – Croatian shire, a small hostel (for up to 70 people), offers special prices for the accommodation and meals. 


Sharing the room gives a special taste to Tango Experiential Festival!!!


Once you have registered for the festival and made the payment for the festival activities, and if in the registration form you have stated that you want to be situated in Fužinarska house, we will book the room for you. Please note that we can hold your places for a short period of time and that your registration will be considered to be completed, thus your place fully booked, only after your payment is received. Payments for the accommodation are made directly to Fužinarska house (if that option is chosen) on the spot, and not to the festival organizer.

Another option is to find accommodation close to the festival venue at Fužine by searching for information on the Internet. 

Tango Experiential Festival Friends

We are proud to present our friends supporting the Tango Experiential Festival:


Primorsko-Goranska County - the county in Croatia in which our Festival is located. 

Fužine Municipality - supporting the TEF activities by providing us the space in which milongas are held, as well as organizational advice.

Tourist Association Fužine 

Tango Infusion tango - Botond and Nóra

Vija Vaja tango - Uroš and Irena

Toulouse neo-tango Thierry and Isabelle

Leszes tango - Leszes

Kewik Wood and Resin Jewelry - dance hall decorations

Contact tango - Sebastian Mayer

Bandoneon - Branko Džinović


Testimonials 2017 



This event should become a classic „go to“ event for all lovers of neolonga.

LUCIE. T., France

I was so satisfied by your very very special and wonderful Tango festival. It was like really experimental, somehow familiar and at the same time high quality level of teaching, Milongas and concept of connecting Tango with other methods and approaches. It was like expanding Tango much wider than it is taught normally...


Thank you! We danced our souls out and now they can fly anywhere to be fullfilled.


It was an incredible experience...deep will be hard to wait next year :)

Thanks to all people who have allowed to live this dream so deep and intense and thanks especially to the organizers. Thank you! Namaste


Wow, an amazing festival. Wonderful dancers, beautiful people on the outside and inside. Thanks to all the organisers and hospitality of the hotel owners. Thank you!!!


Thanks very much to you beautiful team and all dancers I met, quality people. Those 5 days were full of suprises and crazy tango, activities  in nature, overwhelmed me with lively energy. Great job!

Contact us

If you wish to receive information about Tango Experiential, we will be glad to help you. Fill in this form and we will contact you shortly.

Zagreb, Croatia

+385 91 440 0400

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