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Additional workshops

Tomislav Balala


Balalas wood and his skill of playing and making didgeridoos prove the reality of unreal worlds. If you ever find that didge was interesting and magical instrument that's because you intuitively know what the great state of mind and spirit, you can take his wooden vibrations, especially when you're the media using the technique of circular breathing to achieve a constant dominated by ancient sound, peace, mystic, flight .... Not only will you learn the basic techniques that are sufficient to immediately go yourselves on a didge journey, you can choose an instrument from Balalas collection for reasonable money.

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Natalija Damjanović


Natalija started with the thai massages after having finished the basic thai massage course with Davor Haber, thai massage teacher, in Zagreb 2010. 

After that she deepened and advanced her knowledge through the following courses: 

  • Free Style Thai Massage European Gathering, the island of Iž, 2010

  • Miofacial Aprouch to Thai Massage, Zagreb, 2010, teacher: Howard Evans

  • Basic course of Traditional Thai Acupressure for Ortopedic Pains, Zagreb 2010, teacher: Noam Tyroler.

  • Free Style Thai Massage European Gathering, otok Iž, 2011.

  • Course for Traditional Thai Acupressure for Ortopedic Pains Practitioners, Zagreb 2011, teacher: Noam Tyroler.

  • Dinamic Thai Massage Course, Zagreb 2011, teacher: Takis (Krishnataki).

Apart from the thai massage, Natalija is also active in aromacosmetics and aromamassage (she finished the basic and advance Primavera course Aroma Care and Aroma Culture). She also hikes, rides her bike and, of course, dances tango. 

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