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Thai Massage Workshop



Teacher: Natalija Domjanović, Master of Medical Biochemistry, Phythoaromatherapist, Thai massage and Thai acupressure practitioner

About Thai massage:

Thai massage, Nuad Boran – which on Thai means ancient massage, its a traditional massage technics used for centuries in Thailand. It is, together with phytotherapy and spiritual and psychological healing, part of traditional Thai Medicine. Its founder is Jivaka Kumarbacha who was a Budas personal physician. Today on Thailand he has the status of a holy person. His statue is on the altar of every Thai massage center and school and practitioners start every treatment with a short prayer to Jivaka – asking to lead them during the treatment. And at the end of the treatment, they finish with short thanks-prayer for successful treatment.

 It is done on the floor (on the mat) and the receiver has to be dressed in comfortable cotton clothes.

It is holistic massage since throughout working on whole-body energy lines all levels of existence are reached: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/energy levels. During the treatment, which lasts at least 60 minutes, the therapist uses a different pressing, stretching and rocking techniques and puts the receiver in positions similar to yoga asanas.

Results of Thai massage treatment are deep relaxation, flexibility and calmness.

About the teacher:

Thai massage is her love on the first touch. After she received the first Thai treatment from her dear friend and yoga teacher Danijel Dubičanec she was convinced she has to learn it. In 2010. she takes basic course of Thai massage in House of Sun association (today Haber Bodywork) by teacher Davor Haber. It was the start of her long relationship with Thai massage. Afterward, she deepens her knowledge through many different courses/workshops:

  1. FreeStyle Thai Massage European Gathering, island Iž, 2010.

  2. Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage, Zagreb, 2010., teacher Howard Evans.

  3. Basic course Traditional Thai Acupressure for Orthopaedic Pains, Zagreb 2010., teacher Noam Tyroler.

  4. FreeStyle Thai Massage European Gathering, island Iž, 2011.

  5. Course for Thai massage practitioners: Traditional Thai Acupressure for Orthopaedic Pains, Zagreb 2011., teacher Noam Tyroler.

  6. Workshop Dynamic Thai Massage, Zagreb 2011., teacher Takis (Krishnataki).

  7. Workshop Deep Work on Psoas, Rovinj 2017., teacher Suzana Janković.

 Besides Thai massage, she is also practicing phytotherapy and aromatherapy (Galbanum school of Phyto-aromatherapy, class of dr. sc. Stribor Marković, mag. ph.), aroma-massage, aroma cosmetics, then yoga, hiking, cycling and last but not least tango.


About the workshop:

On this guided Thai massage exchange workshop you will have an opportunity to learn a sequence of some 30 different positions which you can use for private purpose with your friends and family members.

All participants will get shortly written instruction for personal use.


Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls

Sound bath by Sandra Jurenović and possible individual healing treatments!

Sandra Jurenovic, a certified practitioner of sound massage by the method of Peter Hess, will introduce you to the magical world of Tibetan bowls and gong as well as help you gain numerous benefits of the sound massage.

Discover the beauty of Tibetan singing bowls and find the perfect harmony between the body, soul, and mind.

Pleasant sound vibrations, rich in tones, are transmitted to the body and create a sense of comfort and relaxation, returning each cell to its harmonious original vibration. The sound gradually removes accumulated blockages and strengthens our ability to relax and self-heal. 

Therefore, let yourself be touched by the magical, soft tunes of the bowls and gong, indulge in the fascinating energy of sound healing.





On yoga workshops, you can expect an intermediate level exercise, extensive breathing sessions and various self-transformative methods. It is not suggested to people with significant health problems (heart or kidney issues, mental diseases, critical blood pressure, epilepsy...). The intention of the workshops is to stretch the body, deeply relax and touch the subtle inner levels of personal existence. This challenging and demanding work could tell you more about yourself and lead you to a personal crisis or give you a fresh life – power. Therefore, we ask kindly all participants for discretion and support regarding others.


Contact Tango 

Contact improvisation and Tango are holding polarities as a type of dance by itself. We will bring elements of Contact improvisation into our awareness, as exploration of the leading-following roles, focusing on body parts in contact, dancing the embrace, discovering our inner rhythms & dynamics in connection to others, spontaneous dance, exchanging partners to connect to our relationship to either openness vs. prejudges that we hold to others. Than we come to the point of the body-mind connection, where we explore how freely our mind works in connection to the body. Who is a real dancer? When we melt all that polarities, we start to DANCE. Enjoy the flow! Lead by Urša Štrukelj, www.silk-dilight.com.

Trip to nature-Thursday Special - Boat Excursion!!!

On Thursday 20.9.2020, all Tango Experiential Festival participants will have the opportunity to enjoy on a trip to island Krk. We’ll have organized bus, boat excursion and swimming on the nice sandy beach. In the case of bad weather will have tango workshops instead. We strongly encourage you to take trip health insurance since the festival organizer does not take responsibility for any kind of injuries or health issues.

We hope that you will enjoy the common group energy, chatting, try to dance on the beach and have a very warm afternoon to remember! Please, check our trip description, photos and video...


Trip description:

Meeting in front of Fužinarksa house at 12.45pm.

One hour bus drive to Novi Vinodolski.

45 min boat from Novi Vinodolski to St. Marak Bay on island Krk (1.45 pm).

Swimming relaxing on the sandy beach-dancing allowed!:) There are a couple of cafes to chill in as well.

Return at 5.45pm-boat trip back to Novi Vinodolski and by bus to Fužine. Expected arrival to Fužine around 7.30pm.